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  …not just an ordinary pony

 by  m.e. colman

A true story about a small horse that appeared on the grounds of a convent and lived there for over 27 years.

“A runaway pony that has escaped its owners, police, a professional rodeo roper and a veterinarian who shot it five times with tranquilizers has found sanctuary with the only humans it trusts - a convent of nuns. For two weeks, just about everything was done to round up the hyper little horse. Police chased him with poles that have loops on the end; the county's mounted park police were called in with the hope that their horses would calm him.”             Daily Record


original Daily record photo_edited-1.jpg

“I first heard about Pony in October of 1992 when the Daily Record did an article about him. I thought the photo taken by the photographer Chris Pedota was breathtaking. The setting is magnificent, the lighting inspiring and the message it transmits so important. It shows mutual two-way respect, humility, tolerance, kindness, generosity, compassion, communication, and trust - all without words, and in a setting that is unmatched in its beauty."   
         Roberta Shields    

“Ownerless, homeless and nameless are a few words to describe a pony seen roaming around the Saint John Baptist Convent grounds off Route 24.”                  Observer Tribune

What was his story? Had he been abused?  If only he could talk... so many questions.     

        Where did he come from?

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