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Fantastic Story for The Whole Family!

“What a magical, love-filled, book! M.E. Colman’s ode to “Pony” is the perfect antidote to these polarized, plague-ridden times. It’s a charming narrative about how a community came together to care for a stray, traumatized creature. It’s also about how Pony had near mystical powers to heal and inspire those around him. Who was ministering to whom?

M.E. Colman’s beautiful and playful prose is complemented by newspaper articles, illustrations, and sketches, including “Pony’s Point of View,” which are reprints of columns written and shared with Pony fans around the world. It’s a great read for anyone, and seems especially well suited to sharing with children.
Through the perspective of many who knew Pony, we are treated to a history of his 27 years at the St. John Baptist Convent. Despite several medical interventions, dramatic bear encounters, snow, rain, gnats, food logistics, and other challenges, we see how Pony managed it all with aplomb and grace. Sister Margo and the Community were clearly devoted to Pony, and he returned their care and attention with a wise, calm, fun-loving presence that enriched everyone.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful story about how love and kindness and gratitude can lead to unexpected consequences for humans, animals, and for a community. Such synchronicity can be a lesson for all of us who must consider when and how to open our hearts to those around us.” 

A Suite of Memories that will Warm your Heart

“Not Just An Ordinary Pony tells the funny and poignant life story of a semi-feral pony who accidentally ended up at a convent in New Jersey, and lived there for 27 years. Just what we need in these difficult times, this is a heartwarming book about the relationships we form with animals, and how they touch our lives.As much a collection of memories as a biography, Sister Margo Elizabeth's book brings you into Pony's world: his resistance to almost all forms of taming, his very obvious sense of humor, even his intuitive 'ministry' in the middle of suburban New Jersey. Words and images introduce you to Pony, the nuns, and their other furry family members - and shows you how one wild creature created bonds across the community.”        

Full disclosure: I was one of Pony's veterinarians and am quoted in the book; I also received an advance copy to review.

Sweet Story

"This is such a sweet, feel-good story, and all true. I worked for the local police department when and where this first occurred, and the memories made me smile. It was good to know how the story progressed over the years after I moved away.”

Adventures of a Runaway Pony

Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2021

“Pony’s story, set within a convent cloister, is part adventure, part drama and fully a testament to the enduring power of love. Pony, a runaway, eludes capture and recapture, eventually finding refuge on the grounds of a New Jersey convent. Pony’s friends are legion as stories of his exploits spread. Sr. Margo of the Community of St. John Baptist, Mendham, NJ and Pony’s primary caretaker, weaves a compelling and heartwarming tale. Photos add visual interest, plus making Not Just an Ordinary Pony a worthwhile selection for reading aloud to children.”

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