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M.E. Colman is a life-professed member of  the Convent of St. John Baptist, an Episcopal religious community for women in Mendham, New Jersey.

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Before entering the convent in 1991, Margo had a varied background in music, art, and psychology, receiving both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

During her childhood years, Margo began playing the flute, studying with Paige Brook (NY Philharmonic) and Joseph Mariano (Eastman School of Music). She went on to play professionally for several years (the Portland Symphony, Bangor Symphony, Virginia State Symphony) as well as having given private instruction to countless students,  including teaching flute at Colby College in Maine.

After earning a BA in Fine Arts and Psychology, Margo continued her education in Human Development, receiving a Masters degree in 1981.  During these years Margo worked as an artist for an engraving firm, taught individual flute lessons, performed with a harpsichordist playing Baroque music, and was a teacher-therapist for emotionally disturbed children.

In the summer of 1981, Margo met Dr. Frederick Franck, author and artist of many books, but known most for the book “The Zen of Seeing: Drawing as Meditation.”  Margo worked for him and his wife Claske, as well as created a sound-slide presentation of Pacem in Terris, a place Dr. Franck built in memory of Pope John XXIII.  Many of Margo’s photographs and the front cover were published by Crossroad Publishing in one of Dr. Franck’s books “The Supreme Koan of the West.”                          

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