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Coloring Book

A number of people asked if we might consider creating a coloring book. In response to their request, we are now working on a new revision of the first draft. A professional edition will be available soon and can be ordered from our own shop. 

But let's describe our coloring book... color illustrations from the book "not just an ordinary pony" are converted to light grey scale      images, and can be colored with color pencils, watercolors or gel pens. The greyscale images are not large as they parallel the original color illustrations. 

We thought you might like to have a few examples to color, so following this page are several greyscale pictures that can be printed out (just click on the apple below on the lower right of this page.)

You can use the thumbnails here as a guide, or perhaps search for the corresponding picture in the galleries. Or better yet, look for the matching illustration when you order a copy of the book,     

  "not just an ordinary pony."

       Have fun!




   click on apple to go to coloring pages.

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